What to Remember When Buying a Solar System

There are many tricks and advertising techniques employed by solar businesses to try and fool you into spending your hard earned cash on their seemingly cheap products, which usually have a catch. Below I will outline and explain some of the many techniques companies are using and show you how to spot a catch and avoid being conned.

When big text is used in advertising, it is normally actually a diversion from the fine print which usually details the most expensive costs that they want you to ignore. Always remember to read the fine print in advertising, then compare companies. You will most likely find that seemingly amazing deals aren’t so cheap after all. After all let’s be honest, if something sounds to good to be true then it more than likely is.

Another common technique used is scare tactics, such as “ONLY ONE DAY LEFT. DON’T MISS OUT. CALL NOW!” This places a sense of panic into the consumers mind so they won’t spend time reading the fine print because they are afraid of missing an “AMAZING DEAL”. Unfortunately, the only thing that is amazing is the lack of ethics on the advertisers part, thinking that their customers will still be happy after the realization of being conned. 

Some companies may try to sell you a system that cannot be upgraded, for example a system with 1.5kW of panels and only a 1.5kW inverter. This cannot have panels added to it in the future if your needs change. If you want to add more panels, you will have to replace the existing inverter for a larger one, which is approximately another $750.00 depending on which inverter you choose. Our minimum sized system already comes with a inverter that can have up to 2.4kW of panels installed.

Travel costs are a big catch when dealing with companies that aren’t local. For example if a solar company was to travel from Brisbane to Kingaroy to install a system, it could easily add an extra $400.00 to your bill. Our travel is included. A subcontracted installer will not want to travel back to the South Burnett to check something on your system.

An important note when buying solar systems is that your rebate is subject to the fluctuating price of RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates). Solar PV systems do not have a set rebate allocated. Instead, each size system has a number of RECs allocated and the market price of these RECs varies day to day depending on what is happening in the industry.

When dealing with us, you can feel safe with the knowledge that our price is fixed.

We offer a free on-site quote so that you can know exactly what your system will cost and where each component will be installed. This means that there will be no hidden charges when the installer arrives. Our price also includes all warranties, paperwork and the costs involved with having your solar meter installed. Beware a lot of other companies don’t include installation in their quoted price, and that a full assembly kit doesn’t include the installation of your system either.

Some companies may make you feel obliged to accept extras on your bill by using last minute pressure (eg travel costs etc) to get extra money out of you with the threat of the installer walking away. Companies may also install panels for you and tell you that you need to hire an electrician to fit your solar meter, costing you more money and time. Currently there are over 20 systems still not connected due to this in the South Burnett, leaving customers battling to get their jobs finished.

We include on-site warranty for your personal power generator. We have replacement parts and can repair any problems you may have quickly and without any hassle. With other companies you may be sucked into the trap of having to pay for freight, replacement parts and labour to get your system up and running, while you’re left with a malfunctioning system and are out of pocket.

Remember you are investing in a power generator that you will want to perform for a hassle free 25 years, and you will want a local company that will support and service your very own renewable power station every step of the way.

Ask yourself this, do you want cheap troublesome panels or a value for money, quality Australian made system that is installed and serviced by insured, licensed, Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

We are a local company giving local people jobs and we are proud to say that we have three local apprentices and three experienced electricians on our team. In fact, we are the most experienced solar company in the South Burnett. You can look us up on the Clean Energy Council

Accreditation website -

I hope that this helps with choosing your renewable energy provider. May the shopper beware!

Yours faithfully,

Greg and Kelly Taffe