Hot-water and pool pumps

From hot water systems to pool pumps, having energy efficient and properly engineered intelligent products in your home or business can dramatically reduce your energy consumption and use it more wisely. 

Stiebel Eltron - Energy Efficient Hot Water

Harness the heat in the air to create energy efficient hot water with the Stiebel Eltron WWK 300A hot water heat pump.

Made in Germany and designed for Australian conditions. Stiebel Eltron has been developing heat pump technology since 1974.

300 litre tank with a high volume of hot water, that is suitable for hard and soft water areas with sacrificial anode.

Energy efficient so you save up to 70% on hot water energy use. 

Lowest power draw of all heat pump hot water units at only 2.3 Amps. Can operate on extended off peak power and timers where available

For more information visit the website or download the brochure below:

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Apricus -  Solar Hot Water

The Apricus solar hot water system is a high-quality, highly efficient way to generate hot water for your household or business. The Apricus system uses evacuated tube solar collectors to harness the sun’s energy, providing hot water, keeping environmental costs low, and keeping hot water bills to a minimum.

Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Collector 

technology is becoming recognised as the most efficient choice for solar hot water systems. This is thanks to the round tube design that allows heat to be captured for more hours of the day and with better efficiency than flat panel solar.

Apricus is Australia’s leading evacuated tube solar hot water supplier. Installing solar hot water will not only save you money, but also reduce your household’s impact on the environment. Apricus, we prides themselves on providing:

•    The highest quality solar hot water systems
•    Leading industry warranties
•    Exceptional after sales service
•    All at competitive pricing

Apricus Solar-Ready Tanks

The Apricus Solar-Ready Tanks (SRT) are perfect for emergency hot water situations, replacing an an ageing, inefficient electric hot water tank or in some cases for new home builds on a budget.

The Apricus ‘Solar-Ready Tank’ will work just like an electric hot water system until you are ready to go solar.

Why an Apricus Solar-Ready Tank?

  • 10 Year cylinder warranty
  • High quality vitreous enamel (glass-lined) construction
  • Easily add solar in future
  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • Stainless steel options available

For more information visit the Apricus product webpage,


Solar hot water explained. Solar overview including evacuated solar collector design, solar hot water system operation as well as collector installation guidelines.

Get Hot Water Now... Add Solar Later. The Apricus Solar Ready Tanks (SRT) are perfect for emergency hot water situations, replacing an an ageing, in-efficient electric hot water tank or in some cases for new home builds on a budget.

Zodiac FloPro e3 - Pool Pump

The Zodiac FloPro e3 is an economical, energy efficient, easy to use 3-speed variable pool pump specially designed for Australian conditions.

The FloPro e3  is engineered to be a simple to operate variable pool pump with the built-in intelligence of an economical motor saving you money on electricity.

Adjustable Speed Settings - Ability to adjust the speed settings of the pool pump to ensure the optimum solution for any pool application.

Energy Efficient - Utilizing less power than the average pool pump, the Zodiac FloPro e3 is both energy efficient and environmentally conservative.

Hydrodynamic Design - The compact and rigid design allows for easy installation and operation leaving you more time to enjoy your pool.

Intelligent Economical Motor - The reputable and durable 3-speed motor will ensure years of hassle-free pool maintenance in even the harshest of conditions.

Backed by a 3 year warranty (2 years on the mechanical seal) - You can be assured of many hassle-free years of use.

For more information visit the Zodiac website:

Multi-9 Surge Arrester

Surge protection for solar systems and other sensitive electronics. 

Protects the sensitive electronics of modern equipment including inverters from power surges. 

Reduces damage done overtime from low-level surges which can degrade your system

Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial. 

    Remote status indication enables 24hr remote monitoring.

    Cartridge replacement system make maintenance quick and easy.

    End-of-life visual indicators show the current operational status at a glance.