Beware of solar con artists - South Burnett Times

HELP WITH SOLAR: Greg and Kelly Taffe from Go Green Generation said anyone who is experiencing difficulties with solar contractors can contact them and they will assist in anyway they can. 

Photo: Danielle Lowe / South Burnett Times

Danielle Lowe

SOUTH Burnett residents are being warned to be on their toes and be wary of telemarketers offering deals on solar installations.

Go Green Generation owners Greg and Kelly Taffe said they were aware of people in the area being conned by telemarketers.

"The telemarketers call up and con people into buying their products," Mr Taffe said.

"They then send scouts out in the area to doorknock.

"We've seen a lot of quotes from people which have extras missing which are then demanded by the installer when they turn up, often asking for cash."

Mr Taffe said extras often missed included switchboard upgrades to have a solar meter fitted as well as a tilt, or tile brackets are required.

"If they do not do a site evaluation then the customer will not know the position of the solar panels, inverter (Make & Model)

"It is a requirement of the Clean Energy Council for any solar companies to do a site evaluation," he said. 

"Customers should always demand a site evaluation and any reputable company will do one.

"If there is no site evaluation they cannot estimate the solar access or where the inverter will be located."

Mr Taffe said alarm bells should start ringing if the solar company asked for a large deposit of more than $500.

"If they ask for more than $500 you should be aware," he said.

"All accredited solar installers must carry a photo ID with a licence number on it," he said.

"You should always ask to see this before you allow any installer to begin work on a solar installation."

Mr Taffe said people wanting to choose from a list of accredited solar installers could visit the Clean Energy Council website, click on customer info and find an installer put their town in the search engine and a list of accredited installers in their area will appear.

Anyone wanting to make a complaint could fill out a complaints form online or call (03) 9929 4141.

"If anyone is having difficulties with a solar installation they can contact us and we will do all we can to assist them," he said.