You’re paying for more energy than you need!

Affordable commercial power optimisation for homes and small businesses with a 100% energy savings guarantee from Go Green Generation.


The electricity provided to you from the national power grid is supplied at  242 on average (Australia's nominal voltage is 230), but your appliances only need to have 220/230 volts to be powered sufficiently and are therefore being overpowered (have a look at the power label on your products, do they require a full 240 volts to run correctly?) These higher voltages will shorten the lifespan of your appliances and unnecessarily increase the cost of your electricity bill.

It’s simple techniques like this that we know are guaranteed ways for our customers to see results without even having to change the lifestyle of how you use your appliances. It’s also from these simple techniques that we can provide solutions and products suitable for houses to factory equipment and buildings. Even pool pumps for small pools to public pools, that use minimal amounts of energy while being tailor suited to your filtration needs all while retrofitting existing products already available.

Through power optimisation and management we can guarantee that we will be able to help you  save money for future. As theres better things than electricity bills, you shouldn’t have to feel constantly stressed about the cost of your energy consumption. The other products and services that our qualified team also specialises in to reduce your energy consumption are tariff analysis, solar systems, qualified master electricians, efficient commercial lighting, air-conditioning, energy auditing, demand profiling, energy monitoring, staff training of energy usage.


What’s the process?

Contact - It costs nothing to find out more, book an appointment with our energy consultants.

Meeting - At the initial meeting we will discuss - How your business or home is used, hours of operation, typical energy use, and how we may be able to assist. Basically layout your consumption habits.

Proposal - Provide you with a proposal based on statistics from the meeting.

Site Survey - Arrange a time to conduct a site survey and installation of a voltage logger


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Or Contact us and have a chat with our sales team, we're quite passionate about saving energy and have some great products that we believe can help almost any business or home. 

*These are figures for the Europe standard. But it shows the process of Power Optimisation. 

*These are figures for the Europe standard. But it shows the process of Power Optimisation.