Energy trackers

We can install an energy monitoring and reporting system, to raise user awareness by tracking consumption and highlighting areas for improvement.


Clipsal EcoMind - Residential Product

Energy monitoring is the key to successful energy management. The Clipsal Ecomind Electricity Monitor is the most recent development in wireless electricity monitors. It allows you to monitor and analyse your electricity consumption, learn how to save energy and help the environment.

  • Display your electricity usage in dollars ($), kilowatts (kWh) and carbon tonnes (KgCO2)
  • Set and track electricity consumption targets
  • Manage and plan demand to save up to 10% on your electricity bill
  • Graphically display and monitor your electricity usage on your computer/digital device at home or remotely

For more information please visit the Clipsal website

PowerTracker - Residential & Small Business Product

Experience suggests one of the reasons so few people economise on their power consumption is that they simply aren't aware how much money their appliances can guzzle. The Power Tracker Products makes the invisible painfully clear.

  • Check your energy usage anytime anywhere
  • Log your historical daily, weekly, monthly and yearly information
  • Easy to read charts and graphs
  • Control your home and office appliances remotely
  • Monitor your solar system to ensure it is performing to its maximum potential
  • Control your electricity bills with cost predictions
  • Share your data with your friends & colleagues
  • Easy Installation with Zigbee Wireless technology
  • Power Surge protection 

For more information please visit the PowerTracker website here, or download the booklet. 

Another satisfied customer - PowerTracker promotional video