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EnergyCheck - Ergon Energy

EnergyCheck is a FREE online energy monitoring tool that puts the power in your hands, helping you understand and save on your business's energy use.

Live Viridian

Viridian is partnering with Click Energy to bring affordable, responsible electricity and natural gas to Australia.

Click has more than 130,000 customers, received the Canstar Blue award for most satisfied customers in Queensland in 2015 and is the perfect partner for Viridian. Together, we’re set to provide a first-of-its-kind innovative and responsible energy offering Down Under! Now, with each passing moment, that vision moves closer to becoming a reality!

Solar Maintenance

To ensure you maintain optimal efficiency and comply with your Ergon IES contract as well as your warranties, an annual maintenance service to your solar panel system is required.

Tesla Energy

Tesla systems allow your home or business to maximize your use of sustainable energy. By charging from solar panels and making that energy available on demand, Tesla systems remove the variability from variable power sources.

You’re paying for more energy than you need!

The electricity provided to you from the national power grid is supplied at  242 on average (Australia's nominal voltage is 230), but your appliances only need to have 220 volts to be powered sufficiently and are therefore being overpowered (have a look at the power label on your products, do they require a full 240 volts to run correctly?)

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What to Remember When Buying a Solar System

There are many tricks and advertising techniques employed by solar businesses to try and fool you into spending your hard earned cash on their seemingly cheap products, which usually have a catch. In this article we will outline and explain some of the many techniques companies are using and show you how to spot a catch and avoid being conned.

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Beware of solar con artists - South Burnett Times

By Danielle Lowe

SOUTH Burnett residents are being warned to be on their toes and be wary of telemarketers offering deals on solar installations.

Go Green Generation owners Greg and Kelly Taffe said they were aware of people in the area being conned by telemarketers.

"The telemarketers call up and con people into buying their products," Mr Taffe said.

"They then send scouts out in the area to doorknock.

"We've seen a lot of quotes from people which have extras missing which are then demanded by the installer when they turn up, often asking for cash."

Mr Taffe said extras often missed included switchboard upgrades to have a solar meter fitted as well as a tilt, or tile brackets are required.

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