Utilise your energy more effectively with efficient lighting, motor starting solutions, power distribution, power factor correction and voltage optimisers. 

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions 

from Schneider Electric & Clipsal

    LED Lighting

    Huge cost savings achieved with the reduction of power consumption allows quicker return on investment.

    Quick installation and no costly modifications required that complement existing fittings and installations, with no maintenance.

    Provides safety and comfort with the removal of the glass that is found in traditional light sources.

    Superior light rendering technology that offers balanced white with embedded green and red tones.



    Induction Highbays

    Offered with a polycarbonate or aluminium reflector, and either a 150W or 250W lamp, Clipsal’s new range of induction Highbays will cut energy and maintenance costs.

    Long life. Where traditional HID lamps have a filament which fails over time, Clipsal Induction Lamps are filament-less, providing more than six times longer lamp life.

    Energy Efficient with optional dimming. Typically, the 150W induction lamp is equivalent to a 250W metal halide and the 250W induction is a equivalent to a 400w metal halide.

    Instant Re-strike. Traditional HID lamps require a 5-10 minute cool-down period before switching back on and the same amount of time to achieve maximum brightness. Induction highbays have no restrike delay, allowing for greater energy savings by running only when required (when switched via a motion sensor or timer).

    HBI Series Induction Highbay. Affordable, energy-efficient lighting solution.  Click to view brochure. 

    HBI Series Induction Highbay. Affordable, energy-efficient lighting solution. Click to view brochure. 

    Motor Starting Solution

    Altistart & Altivar soft starters & variable speed drives for 3-phase motors from Schneider Electric

    Reduces energy utility peak demand penalties

    Eases stress on mechanical components and electrical networks, Altistart soft starters off uncompromised protection for motors and machinery resulting in increased equipment productivity and greatly reduced maintenance costs.

    Altistart 22 from Schneider Electric

    Altistart 22 from Schneider Electric

    Power Factor Correction 

    A power factor correction makes it that you only pay for the power that you use, not the losses in the system.

    Voltage Optimisers 

    The voltage optimisers regulate the exact voltage for maximum efficiency of your appliances and installations.

    Available in fixed, electronic-dynamic and HV variations. Voltage Optimisers optimise onsite voltage and cleans the power supply to reduce electricity consumption, lower carbon emissions and save on electricity costs.

    • Average savings of 12%-15%
    • Typical payback periods of 3-5 years
    • Verified savings are 100% guaranteed
    • Tackles poor power quality issues
    • Increases life expectancy of equipment