Tariff Analysis

Are you ready for the new electricity tariff prices starting July 1st, 2014?

Take the hassle out of tariff selection and if we can't save you money, it won't cost you a cent!

Many homes and businesses have been on the same electrical tariff for many years even though their usage patterns have changed. Prices have dramatically increased and we are about to see another increase. To assist you we're offering a no risk tariff analysis to help homes and small businesses to make the right tariff decisions. All we need from you is a recent electricity bill and a brief discussion on your energy consumption habits.

What is a tariff? How will the new electricity prices affect you and I?

Tariffs are the rate at which electricity is charged, and there are different types of tariffs depending on your consumption habits and your electrical appliances. After 1st July the charges applied to these tariffs will increase and we may be able to help you save by changing to the right tariffs for you.

Take the hassle out of tariff selection and if we can't save you a dollar - it won't cost you a cent!

A typical residential home consumes around 4,100kWh per annum, and is likely to see an increase of 13.6% or $192 in their annual electricity bill. Business should expect to see a 12% increase.

How much can you save on the right electricity tariff?

This will depend on your time usage patterns and the amount of electricity consumed. By using our Energy Management Services we can maximise your annual savings. Consider the two following examples:

  • The Broadway Hotel in Kingaroy was able to save 15% on their electricity bill!

  • One of our business customers estimated savings will be approximately $40,000 per annum.