Solar Maintenance

Servicing ensures the long life and quality of your Solar System, and while we're there we can check if you can benefit from some extras to fine tune your energy consumption. 


What is it?

To ensure you maintain optimal efficiency and comply with your Ergon IES contract as well as your warranties, an annual maintenance service to your solar panel system is required.

We have developed a maintenance service to ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency for their entire lifespan. Rain alone cannot effectively clean your solar panels. Think about your car exterior and windshield, does the rain wash and clean your car effectively? This will often leave a film of dirt.

What’s included?

The maintenance schedule includes:

  • Yearly professional solar panel cleaning
  • Shade impact inspections
  •  Physical electrical and systems inspections
  • Electrical characteristics tests
  • Safety inspection
  • Inspection of safety stickers
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